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Caring and Nurturing (C.A.N).org is a 501c(3) non-profit organization seeking to uplift and guide our youth into a prosperous future.  In an effort to uplift our youth Caring and Nurturing will promote education thru mentoring programs, provide school essentials (book bags, paper, pens, etc.), a clothing ministry, and college scholarship funding for graduating seniors.  

We seek to encourage young people to stay in school by providing the necessary essentials in order to be successful. We understand some parents may not have the proper funds to send their child to college.  We understand some parents may not be able to buy new clothes or new shoes for  school.  We understand not all children have book bags, paper, pencils, etc..  We want to help!!  Our children are our future, and it is imperative we provide them with the proper tools to be a success!!



About us


Our mission is to coach and develop our youth into successful business oriented colleagues.  Caring and Nurturing will encourage the need to stay in school by offering mentoring programs focusing on resume writing, budgeting, how to dress for success, and overall self-motivation.  We seek to empower our young people by promoting education.

South Carolina has a graduation rate of 77.6%.  This rate is the 2nd lowest graduation rate compared to our neighboring states.  Caring and seeks to turn that number around and increase the number of high school graduates.  Our mission is simple...Promote higher learning and empower our young people to be the best they can be.  Our kids are our future.  If we do not invest in them...then we cannot expect for them to carry our future.  It starts with US!


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